Hi There!

Welcome to Tamagini Visuals, my little corner of the internet.  I’ve been drawing pictures and making photographs since I was a kid.  Now as an adult I get to create digital renderings and matte painting for the architecture industry as well as continue my passion of documenting urban life with my cameras.

In terms of photography, I consider an Urban Lifestyle Photographer.  You may be asking what exactly is an urban lifestyle photographer.  Well that is simple, it has become my mission to document urban life.  Anything from everyday life on the streets to sports, and even fashion is fair game, it is all the things that people do that make up the fabric of urban life so unique.

Being a person that has lived most of his adult life in the city, I have learned what makes this environment a unique one and I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty and flaws of a city and capture those moments with my camera.

 I have created short films, as well as played the role of DP on others.  Currently I am working towards the future and adding Virtual Reality production to my bag of tricks.

So, whether you need some photography, video work, digital art, or virtual reality content please contact me and we can talk about how I can possibly help you create your vision.