The following features long term ongoing personal photo projects.


Feasts of the north end

The feasts of the North End.  This is a deeply personal project for me.  Boston’s North End is where Italian immigrants landed and continue to live.  Entire generations of families call the North End home and have only lived here.  Being of Italian decent, this is the area of Boston where I feel most at home.  Every year during August the neighborhood is transformed into a never ending festival to honor the different patron saints.  These are traditions that go back over 100 years when people started coming over from Italy and when they landed here they brought these traditions with them.  There is no other place outside of Italy that has feasts of this scale.  The feasts typically last three days, Sunday the last day is procession day.  It’s the day when the different chapels march the statues of their particular Saints through the streets collecting donations from businesses and residents alike.  The four main feasts in the North End are, the St. Agrippina Feast, the Madonna Della Cava Feast, the Fisherman’s Feast honoring Madonna del Soccorso di Sciacca, and ending it all off with St. Anthony’s Feast.

Every Sunday of the Feasts, I march with them cameras in hand to in my own way help document and keep the memories of these traditions alive.  I have seen adults grow older and children grow up to start carrying the statues themselves.  My plan is after a minimum of 10 years create a monograph celebrating these traditions so that generations to come can look back at who came before them.

Umbrella Project-13.jpg

The umbrella project

Welcome to the Umbrella Project.  It is an ongoing personal project I have where I head out into the rain to take photos of people with their umbrellas, or in some instances running through the rain because they forgot their umbrella.  I don’t know what it is but unlike most people I love the rain.  It is calming, the streets aren’t as crowded because people don’t want to be out in it, and part of me smiles because everyone else is miserable because of the rain.  Yeah I said it, other peoples misery brings my happiness! I haven’t used an umbrella in over a decade.  I have a couple of really good rain coats and a good set of rain pants, waterproof hiking boots and most importantly I have rain gear for my cameras.  I am ready for anything mother nature throws at me which is a lot. Boston is one of the windiest cities in America, when you combine that with rain you get lots of cheap umbrellas turning inside out in the wind and breaking.  Not good for the people under them but great for my portfolio of umbrella photography.  I’m always out on the hunt to nail that photo right when a person has that oh shit moment, the one when they realize their umbrella is going inverted and they are going to get really wet if they cant quickly get it fixed.