Welcome to the all new Tamagini Visuals

fireworks 2.jpg

Well hi there!  It has been a really long time since I have produced a blog post.  There are many reasons for that, but one of the main ones was the state of my site.  I had for a long time run my site on Wordpress.  However after a whole bunch of rapid updates to Wordpress, the theme I had used was updated to the point that all the custom work I had done to make it look like mine was overwritten and the site was going to loose its feel and look like the generic theme.  I also didn't feel like redoing all the work and digging around more and more CSS code, so my site sat quite stagnant. But after thinking long and hard of what to do, I have switched my website to be run on Squarespace and I couldn't be happier!

While the site does have a somewhat similar feel, there are drastic differences, from the way the photo galleries are laid out to now having a section for my digital art which I never showcased on the site before!  Coming soon will also be a section on the Virtual Reality content I am starting to explore and produce, which is going to be super exciting!!!

Unlike last the last times, I am not going to make promises on how often I am going to update the blog section, but I will say that I will try to keep it and you updated with new work, and news as it happens.  Blogging on Squarespace is going to be interesting as it is worlds different than Wordpress, but in a good way!  Now each post can be customized just like an individual webpage so things should get interesting as I learn this new platform.

Stay tuned!