Virtual reality

welcome to the future

Visual images have come a long way.  From scratches on cave walls, to large black and white negatives, to the people that have their heads under a cloth while holding a tray of gun powder for a flash.  Then came 35mm film, disposable point and shoot cameras, and the start of digital photography.  The problem with all of these has always been you have to choose what you want the view to see and that is it.  Well that is no more.  Now with 360 degree camera systems and awesome computer rendering software you can create true worlds that people can look in any direction to explore.  Below is just the start of what I hope to be a long cool journey into Virtual Reality photography and film making. 


Apartment Bedroom

The following is a clean modern one bedroom apartment that I created in 3ds Max and rendered with V-Ray 3.4.  The purpose was to create a testing environment for lighting, furniture, materials and ultimately creating virtual reality environments. When you click on the VIEW VR button below you will be taken to a new window which brings you into the immersive environment.  In here you can pan around and look at the entire space in one view.  If you have a set of google cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or other VR headset to place your phone in, you can click on the monitor icon in the bottom left corner to go into VR mode, then also click on the full screen icon in the bottom right corner so if fills up your phone screen.  Put your phone in the headset and have fun looking around!

*VR mode requires you to use a phone and headset to get the true viewing experience, otherwise you are just looking at side-by-side images of the same thing on a computer monitor!